Prosper is a free self-care app with tools, resources, and support to help you on your wellness journey

Prosper can help you with...


Prosper has mood tracking, journaling, and meditation features to help you manage your stress. Often times we don't realize how stressed we are until we take a moment to reflect. Prosper helps you do that.


Sleep is an important part of your daily routine. Prosper helps you track your sleep and also has meditations like yoga nidra to help you fall asleep faster.

Staying on track

Life can be a juggling act full of distractions and noise, making it hard to get in a routine. Prosper's habit tracker lets you create your own habits and build your ideal routine. You can also enable reminders so you never forget to complete your habits.


    Mood tracking

    Your daily check-in helps you reflect on how you feel. Add a photo and other details, and you’ll have a record of your day you can look back on.

    Habit tracking

    Create custom habits or choose from our list of suggestions. You can build routines and stay on top of them with daily reminders.

    Activities and resources

    Our library contains over 400 resources on a variety of topics, as well as local and national wellness services.


    Our community is a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings, and connect with others.

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